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I have gained a lot of positive insights and experiences - and learned a lot from Autistic Reality! Alec Frazier, the director, has been a wonderful mentor to myself and encourages many others like ourselves to keep continuing to be the best version of oneself. The example he gives others through perseverance, dedication, and honesty is the very foundation of his deep understanding, passion, and undying advocacy for the autistic community as a whole. I am honored to be friends and under Frazier’s mentoring. Autistic Reality makes a huge, positive impact on our world.

- Liz Pritchard, Creator, Paperbag Comic, and ANCA World Ambassador

“Alec was hand-picked by me to present at the third annual Agile Writer Conference. I had sat on a panel at Ravencon in 2018 with Alec and was impressed with his ability to articulate his message. He has turned his experience into a book and when I invited him to speak he could not be more gracious and generous in his support. I got many positive reactions from attendees on Alecs presentation on ‘Turning Experiences into Creativity.’ I highly recommend Alec as a speaker.”
-  Greg Smith, Executive Director, Agile Writers

“I’ve known Alec Frazier for four years now, both as a friend and co-worker, and Alec is a superb and intelligent friend and co-worker. Whenever I need things done, I can go to Alec, and get a thorough and clear final product. Also equally important, when an idea or project can be improved, Alec provides concise, clear and valuable feedback. Alec has a wonderful sense of humor, and a diverse skill set that makes him able to provide input on everything from policy to photography. Alec is also an accomplished writer and presenter, having published his term paper, and presented at several major conferences. Alec Frazier is an asset to anyone who would have him working with them.”
Hamza Jaka, Independent Living Expert and Member, US Business Leadership Network (USBLN) Student Advisory Council (SAC)
“Alec Frazier is one of the most intelligent and thoughtful people I know. He has worked tirelessly as an advocate with and for people with autism for many years now, and his advocacy comes from his personal experience of living with autism. As he has made clear to me on several occasions, “There are as many types of autism as there are people with autism. Neurotypicals tend to lump us all together, but each of us have our own unique experience and our unique ways of perceiving the world. We cannot be all lumped together under one category.” He despises the romanticized view of autism promoted by movies such as “Rain Man” or the TV show “St. Elsewhere’s” and hates any suggestion that he or others with autism need to be patronized. Most impressive of all is his conviction that most people with autism are perfectly capable of advocating on their own behalf, and they do not need neurotypicals to do advocacy on their behalf. He is an extremely impressive individual (and also a helluva lot of fun).”
Br. Christopher Stephen Jenks, BSG, former Executive Director, Fessenden House, Yonkers, NY
Alec Frazier, your feedback, phone calls, and open discussions on life with Autism have made an incredible impact on me. I’ll be eternally grateful for your endorsement, your reactions and most importantly the hope you give me for my son’s future.
Amber Lynne Johnson, Author of Puddle Jumping

“Alec served as an intern for the American Association of People with Disabilities in 2011. As the Chair of the Board, I was very impressed with his intellect, professionalism, and passion. 

He is a bright young man with a great desire to give back. I would endorse him”
Joyce Bender, Founder & CEO, Bender Consulting
“When it comes to photographic coverage for an event, I automatically call, Sir Alec Fraizer. His attention for details is flawless. Highly recommended”
- Emil Novak Sr., Director, Buffalo Comicon and Visions Comic Art Group