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Autistic Reality -


I Came I Saw I Wrote: Today?s Autistic Creators...

I Came I Saw I Wrote: Today’s Autistic Creators •Sunday, October 6 •2:30 pm – 3:30 pm •Room 1B03 – Javits Center Autistic advocate Alec Frazier will give a talk about disability autism creativity and writing in today’s world. He will cover several key topics about autism disability in general pop culture and inclusion. He will also answer questions and do a reading from his book Veni! Vidi! Autism! This panel is perfect for those who are interested in disability and pop-culture who have a disability or who know someone with a disability. Special attention will be paid to autism although disability and minority representation in pop-culture as a whole will be discussed. Guests •Alec Frazier •Liz Pritchard
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