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Autistic Reality -


Don't Cap My Care: National Day of Action

The text of our speech: Crowd Chanting: No cuts, no caps! No cuts, no caps! No cuts, no caps! No cuts, no caps! No cuts, no caps! Alec Frazier: Hello! Who's ready to save Medicaid!? [CROWD CHEERS] Thank you everyone, It's great being here today. I'd like to thank a lot of people. I'd like to thank Tony Coelho for the Americans with Disabilities Act. [CROWD CHEERS] Really amazing. Um, I'm Alec Frazier, Director of Autistic Reality. I have autism and a number of other conditions: OCD bipolar, etc. Medicaid has saved my life in many ways, even paid for a brain surgery. I would be dead without it. Um, First I would like to thank my Senator, Chris Van Hollen... [CROWD CHEERS] He's a senator and a friend and a really good man. He is fighting the good fight on this bill. It is a fight that we will WIN. [CROWD CHEERS] Thank you so much. Um, however, today I would like to talk about health in a broader sense. If you want good mental, mental and physical health, it is imperative to stay positive, and to stay hopeful. No matter what the travesty, stay positive, and wish and work for a better outcome. I cannot state this importantly enough. Mohandas Gandhi said, "You are the change you want to see in the world." This is completely true. Another truth comes from René Descartes: "I think, therefore I am." We have many troubles in the world right now, but being pessimistic or counterproductive or even nonproductive is NOT the answer. [CROWD CHEERS] Can you do something... Thank you. Can you do something to improve the world? Yes? Then do it. No? I bet you're wrong about that. [CROWD CHEERS] EVERYONE has the power to change the world for the better. To believe otherwise is not only untrue, but is often quite dangerous. Many a time have I met people who believe they cannot change the world, or that the world is a dark and miserable place. To them I say: it doesn't have to be. The most fundamental change that anyone can make upon this earth is optimism, and a can-do attitude. We CAN save Medicaid... Woman in crowd: Yeah! Alec Frazier: long as we have faith in the world, ourselves, and various others. Your change won't happen unless you believe in it. I believe. Do you? [CROWD CHEERS AND APPLAUDS] Alec Frazier: Thank you! [MORE CROWD CHEERS AND APPLAUSE]
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