Autistic Reality

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Alec Frazier wrote portions of Empowering Leadership for the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN). ASAN partnered with the Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation (DJFF) for the Empowering Disabled Leaders project. Colleges and universities benefit from moving attention toward cultivating leadership, communication, and assertiveness skills for students who will soon become part of the real-world workforce. College students with disabilities frequently receive disability accommodations related to the reduction of accessibility and learning barriers. But there has been less focus placed on specialized instruction related to becoming active lifelong advocates for changing social-physical environments to support people with disabilities in schools, workplaces, and communities.

The Empowering Disabled Leaders project brought together several self advocates to author a comprehensive booklet that contains information about:

  1. Establishing campus advocacy groups
  2. Navigating service provision and accommodations
  3. Engaging with administration
  4. Running advocacy-focused campaigns
  5. Exploring disability studies

By Alec Frazier

Tim Urich was introduced as Timmy Lange, the traumatized, inarticulate son of a super villain in Daredevil: Wake Up. By the time his mentor, Daredevil, dies about ten years later in Daredevil: End of Days, a loving family and strong friendship with said mentor have helped acclimate him to society. This acclimation reflects an ongoing change of societal views of autism, from inferior outsider, to equal player.

Books cost three dollars for students and five dollars for everyone else. The first printing of the book was sold at a number of events in upstate New York. The book is now in its second printing. Please contact us via email if you want a copy. We will pay for shipping wherever the mail delivers, including international. All we require is your address and payment. Accessible copies for the visually impaired are available via email upon request.

This is a literature review of a comic, not a comic. Since this is an educational work, use of Marvel’s characters is covered under fair use. All images have been modified so as not to violate copyright.